Stud Terms & Conditions

  1. All livery bills and sundry fees and nomination fees are paid before the mare leaves Schockemöhle Polo Stud.

  2. All mares will be required to provide a negative CEM swab, this can be done at stud, at cost.

  3. Mares should be halter broken and basically polite to handle feet etc.

  4. If a mare loses her foal after 1st October in the year in which she is covered we regret no free return or refund is available. It is the owners responsibility to check that all is well with the pregnancy prior to 1st October and notify Schockemöhle Polo Stud asap if there is a problem.

  5. Mares are welcome to stay at Schockemöhle Polo Stud.

  6. Veterinary assistance will be called upon at the discretion of Schockemöhle Polo Stud and in the interest of the mare. The cost will be chargeable to the owner and every effort will be made to keep the owner informed if any issues arise.

  7. Schockemöhle Polo Stud does not accept responsibility for any accidents or injury which may occur to the mares whilst on the stud's property and so owners are advised to ensure that they have adequate insurance cover for accident, theft, or disease whilst the mare is at Schockemöhle Polo Stud.

  8. All foals will be weaned around six months of age. Full payment and collection is required within 21 days of weaning. If this does not occur the foal will be re offered for sale. Should a foal be paid for in full but not collected, full livery will be charged.

  9. All foals are sold with a halter and passport. They are up to date with worming and foot trimming.

  10. Foals sold in utero are "Sold as they stand." Foals sold before weaning are "Sold as seen." Weanlings and older horses are open to vetting.

  11. All colt foals by the Polo Argentino stallions Ytacua Puente Viejo, Gete Rubi, Don Ercole Imperial, Taita Nissan and DS Meteoro will be gelded before getting 2 years old at least and before leaving Schockemöhle Polo Stud. If however the owner wants to keep the foal as a stallion a fee of 50.000 € has to be paid.

All breeders inseminating their mares with semen from the stallions at Schockemöhle Polo Stud accept the stud terms and con­ditions as applicable to all existing and future business relationships.